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Netflix and chill


If you’re of a certain age (as I am) and not managing to keep up with all the fast-paced changes in our lingo (as I’m not), you might be surprised to learn about a racy new turn-of-phrase that’s hit the big time. The next time a new buddy — or even an old one, for that matter — suggests that the two of you get together for “Netflix and chill,” please know that they’re probably not thinking rom-coms and relaxation, PJs and popcorn. Nope: they have other, more exotic intentions; they’re ready to put the x in your stream, baby, and getting touchy-feely doesn’t mean fishing for the remote in the cushion cracks. As of late last year, those three seemingly innocuous words have come to describe a completely different kind of shared experience — one that definitely won’t involve nachos, subtitles or the company of elderly relatives. Continue reading