Glosso’s advent: Baubles of Britishisms – Dec 23


Day 23

The full monty.

“What Our Travel Pros Suggest: Hobica recommends springing for the full monty: an upgrade to business or first class — but only under certain circumstances.” — Popsugar, 12 Nov, 2014

“The Alpine Lounge in the Castle’s hotel complex has practically been my second home every winter since I was about ten years-old, so I was on very familiar territory when I sat at my table and ordered the full monty afternoon tea recently.” — Galloway Gazette, 9 Nov 2014

“Ten Ways a U.S. ‘Full Monty’ Plan Can Defeat ISIS. … Max Boot, a military historian and the Jeane J. Kirkpatrick national security senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, has just outlined a comprehensive plan for defeating ISIS that goes well beyond the commitments of Obama and U.S. allies. It might best be described as the “Full Monty” when contrasted with the administration’s more limited approach.” — Fiscal Times, 18 Nov 2014

The full amount expected, desired, or possible. The full shebang. According to World Wide Words, someone in the dictionaries department at Oxford University Press, who wrote the entry for this expression, found 16 different theories — ranging from gamblers’ jargon to the British tailor Montague Burton …

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  1. Brian Barder

    ‘Six unemployed steel workers form a male striptease act. The women cheer them on to go for “the full monty” – total nudity.’ IMDB on the 1997 British film ‘The Full Monty’.

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