Glosso’s advent: Baubles of Britishisms – Happy Chrimbo!

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Day 25

A Chrimbo A-to-Zed of Britishisms:

On this day of Father Christmas coming from Lapland, bread sauce, mince pies, Christmas pudding, and pantomimes, let’s celebrate the lingo of Blighty. Happy Christmas, and God save The Queen!

Ace, aggro, any road, argue the toss

Belt up, bent as a nine-bob note, bespoke, bits ‘n’ bobs, blag, bloke, bloody hell, (well) blow me down (with a feather), Bob’s your uncle, boffin, bog roll, bog-standard, bollocks, bottoms up!, brass neck, brassed off, bumf, bung it in

Cakehole (as in, shut your …), can’t be arsed, can’t be fagged, Chat up, cheesed off, Chinese whispers, chock-a-bloc, chuffed, cor blimey, chav, chin wag, clanger, clapped-out, (a load of) cobblers, codswallop, cotton on to, cock-up, crikey

Damp squib, doddle, dodgy, doing porridge, (on) the dole, done and dusted, done up like a kipper, don’t get your knickers in a twist, don’t give a toss, don’t give a monkey, doss, dosser, doss-house, do a runner


Faff, fagged, fag-end, fiddly, fortnight, the full monty

Gen (up), get off with someone, get your kit off, git, go off on one, go spare, (shut your) gob, gobby, gob-shite, gobsmacked, going to see my aunt, goolies, Gordon Bennett!, gormless,  got the hump, grotty, gubbins, gutted

Hard cheese, how’s your father

Ice lolly, in a strop, in a tick, in the club, in the pudding club, in the wars, it’s not cricket

Jack something in, jammy (bastard), jiggery-pokery, jolly hockey sticks

Kerfuffle, kip, knees-up, knackered

Loo, lose your bottle, lost the plot, lurgy, live at Her Majesty’s pleasure

Manky, moggie, more front than Brighton

Naff, naff off, nicked, nippy, nob, noble, nosey parker, nous (rhyming with mouse), numpty, nutter

One-off, on the trot, on your bike

Parky, (go) pear-shaped, peckish, pillock, pip pip, piss about/around, piss-up, plimsoll, plonk, plonker, pong, poofter, pop your clogs, posh, poxy, prat, pukka, pull your finger out, punter, put a sock in it

Quids in

Ropy, rumpy pumpy, (to) roger

Sarky, sarnie, send to Coventry, shag, shambolic, shut your cakehole, skew-whiff, skint, skive (off), slag off, slapper, smalls, snarky, snog, sod, sod all, sod it, sod off, sod’s law, sod you, sorted, spend a penny, spiv, spliff, splash out, squiffy, squidgy, stiffy, starkers, sticky wicket, stonker, stroppy, suss out or sussed, sweet Fanny Adams, swot

Tad, take a slash, take the mickey, take the piss, tarty, throw a wobbly, tickety-boo, titchy, toff, toffee-nosed, tosser, totty, twee

Up sticks, up the duff, up the spout


Walkies, wally, wanker, well I’m blowed, whip-round, what you on about?, whinge, witter (on about)

Y-fronts, yob, yonks


And there’s one more tomorrow …