4 thoughts on “Poetry in Motion: “A Name” by Ada Limón

  1. Adrian

    Why would any educated person, except for some type of social propaganda, state that in the Bible “Eve” named the animals?
    Whether the Bible be true or not it is just another distortion of the past made to serve an ulterior, or even blatant, philosophical agenda.
    This is soft propaganda and the author should be ashamed of this transparent intellectually weak historical sham – I’m sure the author that this was very clever – too bad is was just a cheap easy shot…

  2. Milkman Dan

    Okay I have to assume that this poem is not meant to be literally truthful, but if it is, then Adrian is s right. Even if one believes in the biblical account of creation, the idea of Eve walking among the animals and naming them is still ridiculous. Right, lime she named the fiddler crab before the fiddle was invented? And I suppose you expect me to believe she spoke perfect, American accented English too, right?

    But no, the poet must have written it on some metaphorical level that I’m not getting.

  3. Jovan


    Relax, take a breath, we’re all good, you’re good as well, it’s all gonna be ok. No irony or cynicism in my words.


    All of us…

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