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I’ve just twigged …

In a recent letter in The Times (of London), a reader described his experience of driving his old Renault 4 through France: “On the road, the beeping by other drivers made me nervous — until I twigged the car was being saluted.” Does the word “twigged” make any sense to you in that context? If you’re a Brit, it probably does. But I’m sure most Americans won’t twig … Continue reading


From Wikimedia Commons

From Wikimedia Commons

This post can be summarized in three simple words: “DON’T USE THEM!”

NYC’s The Deli magazine goes so far as to put a warning at the top of its comments section: “Note: Comments written in all caps will not be posted.”

But why is the use of ALL CAPS (also known as CAPS LOCK) so undesirable?
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