BoJo’s booboo (and he signed this one)

No world leader can trump Trump in the high stakes world of grammar and spelling errors. But Boris Johnson came fairly close when he flubbed one of the three letters he sent to Brussels a few days ago — and it was in the letter he actually signed that he made his gaffe (so you can’t wriggle out of this one, BoJo). Read it here and see if you can spot the mistake:

As Matthew Taylor pointed out in his own (distinctly more eloquent) letter in yesterday’s Guardian, “I can’t help but notice that the prime minister, for all his expensive education and patrician manner, has added to our national humiliation by introducing an unnecessary and incorrect apostrophe into the penultimate sentence of the penultimate paragraph of the letter that he signed … I can only hope that the EU leaders will come to the conclusion that this second letter, so illiterately expressed, must be a hoax and dismiss it out of hand.”

Hat-tip to Virginia for bringing this to Glosso’s attention.